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Launch your own independent blockchain

Komodo's modular platform is flexible - delivering a custom-tailored solution that meets your requirements with the right features. Even with an independent blockchain the development team will continue to inherit all our future technology.

dPoW Security

All blockchains on the Komodo platform can use notarization to get Bitcoin-level security.

Zero-knowledge transactions

In its most simple form, the Komodo coin can be used to make purchases with privacy.

Pegged assets

We are building fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies, which can assist traders in maintaining value alongside a national currency.

DEX capability

All tokens supported on our platform are capable of atomic swaps.

Ultimate privacy tool

Any cryptocurrency on our platform can go through a Zero-Knowledge Proof, endowing it with privacy.

Peerchains scalability

A scalability solution that links multiple sibling chains into a coherent network.

Decentralized crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs can release new coins and other blockchain projects in a new, unique, and decentralized manner, adding both stability and security.

Micropayment channels

The Komodo platform is adopting Lightning-Network technology from Bitcoin, enabling fast and secure transactions.

Blockchain database

Record key/value data securely to any chain on Komodo network.

Komodo sContracts

The developer can use any programming language they choose to create programmable contracts.

Komodo API

Our development is transparent and the technology is free and open source; we hope that others can leverage all our achievements.

What Next?

We keep continuously developing more technology modules.

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Launch a decentralized crowdsale

We help businesses get started with blockchain

With our technology it’s possible to create a new chain. You decide all the parameters: from premine to no premine. After your chain has been created it’s possible to host a decentralized crowdsale known as dICO.

The process for this is still very technical and must be done by an experienced blockchain engineer. Contact us for more information.

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Atomic Swap capabilities on the Komodo Network

We are leaders in adopting what are called "Atomic Swaps".

This technology allows you to trade cryptocurrencies from right within the comfort of your own private wallet.

2014 World's first manual atomic swap
2016 World's first atomic swap with order matching
2017 World's first atomic swap through electrum servers
TBA World's first decentralized exchange product release

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Universal Peer to Peer Exchange

All tokens issued on our platform will be available on our decentralized exchange and multi-coin wallet.

Through ‘BarterDEX’ technology we have developed decentralized orderbooks that initiate Atomic Swaps through light-weight Electrum servers. The result is a basis for a secure and universal decentralized exchange.


Best available privacy

Komodo Best Available Privacy

Powerful zero-knowledge privacy is integrated into the heart of our platform

We have made achieving and maintaining privacy extremely easy with a technology called 'Jumblr'. Using this we’re building an application that gives anyone a chance to get financial privacy with just one click.

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Develop on our platform

Every token issued on our platform is automatically compatible with our whole ecosystem and will inherit all future technology, as well as support from our team, meaning that as a developer or business you can focus solely on development.

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