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Invest In Blockchain Infrastructure

Komodo is the digital money that gives you 5 % in halal rewards annually.
The coin powers a platform that is accessible to everyone for free.

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Low Inflation

Because of the small miner rewards and user rewards Komodo has a very modest inflation rate.

Long-Term Development Horizon

Komodo has an eager and ambitious team, full of experience and talent.

Multiple Use Cases

Each use case creates a natural demand for Komodo ensuring Komodo Coin (KMD) will have value.

Halal Rewords

An Investment with KMD halal rewards

Komodo has a built-in reward system that rewards users for holding the coin. The reward mechanism is possible because of high efficiency in mining, and it is entirely based on blockchain and to the rules of mathematics.

A Robust Ecosystem of Partners and Developers

With the sound foundation in place, and we are confident that we will see rapid growth, as we have positioned ourselves to power the future of blockchain infrastructure.

Robust Ecosystem

Platform Fuel

Komodo is an infrastructure coin which is required to power many features on the platform.

Base Currency

Komodo will be used as a gateway coin to other tokens within Komodo's decentralized exchange.

Digital Money

Komodo will presumably play a major role in many Apps and services developed on the platform.


Secure Your Investment

Komodo Wallet keeps your investment secure and ensures you receive the annual reward. For more information see our guides.

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Learn More About Komodo

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Our PDF report gives a good rundown of our platform and the role of the KMD coin. For further development updates, you can sign up for our English newsletter.

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