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Notary Node Elections

How do you become a Notary Node?

If you are interested in running one of the notary nodes then you need to start "campaigning" to get the votes of the investors.

I am not talking about the normal politics campaign, but this is about running the backbone of dPoW. So what will matter is your experience in running serious servers.

We can also use the testnet KMD as one metric in evaluating a notary node. Clearly if you are mining testnet KMD, you are running a node, which is a prerequisite.

So, post your handle, the geographic region of where your server will be hosted, how much testnet KMD you have mined, relevant experience and whatever other info you feel is helpful for the electorate to know. The vast majority of the 3KMD per block reward is expected to go to the notary nodes and if the market price of the 1/64th share is less than $500/mo, the BTC from ICO will be used to make up the difference.

Before voting begins, we will have a notary node certification results that will also be included on the ballot.

Server specs are a min. of 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 100mbps bandwidth, and a quad-core CPU. More is better. Notary nodes will do more than just pure notary services and you can also run LP nodes and other services to further enhance your revenues.

We have arbitrarily segregated the world into 4 regions: North America, Europe, Asia, Southern Hemisphere

I know this is not exact, but it is approx distribution of overall internet usage with some debate over eastern europe as to whether it should be in the Europe region or Asia region. I will let the electorate decide on such distinctions. A single notary node operator can run a max of 1 node per region, for a total of 4. However, each notary node needs to be elected in its region, eg be one of the top 16 vote getters per region.

One of the requirements to running a notary node is to monitor the #notarynode channel in the SuperNET slack. That is where realtime updates and issues will be communicated

If there is someone that can create a simple website for notary node candidates to post their info, I can probable get some sort of bounty for it. ANYBODY can be a notary node candidate, but all notary nodes must be elected with sufficient stakeholder power to win a spot. This is a crucial aspect and one of the reasons for a large ICO, so that we get as broad of an investor base as possible to make obtaining a 51% control as difficult as possible.

Added information

The next Notary elections will occur sometime in March 2018. Due to the growth Komodo has expereinced recently, we expect that there will be much more competition. If you are interested in participating, if would be a good idea to run a normal node to gain experience. You can join our Slack and get started: slack invite

You should also join the #notarynode channel.

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