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SuperNET and MobileGo: Friendships Across Blockchains

/ Jon Comer / MobileGo

Over the years, SuperNET has amassed a lot of fans from many different crypto projects. None more promising than MobileGo in whom it has found a powerful ally.

Created by the team behind Gamecredits (GAME), including some of the original supporters of SuperNet, MobileGo is what many people think may be the first crypto project to bridge the gap between crypto and a huge, mainstream consumer base of gamers.

MobileGo is a dual blockchain token, built on both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains that is the centerpiece of a suite of decentralized applications that will be available on the Gamecredits Mobile Store. This suite of products include a decentralized virtual gaming marketplace, player to player match play and wagering and decentralized Esports tournaments created by and for gamers on the platform.

The Gamecredits mobile gaming store launches in Q2 2017 and already has hundreds of mainstream games representing hundreds of millions of worldwide downloads scheduled for its launch. Popular gaming developers from the US, Europe, China and Japan have come onboard and more are being added to the store everyday. The mobile store development is led by Datcroft Games LTD, a successful gaming company with over 100 employees and 15 million users.

The MobileGo token crowd sale begins April 25th. Fifty percent of the crowd sale raised will go directly to marketing the platform which is already in private beta. Profits from the mobile store will be used to buy back and burn Mobile GO tokens decreasing supply as the platform grows.

MobileGo will also be a part of the SuperNET portfolio of crypto funds. 100k MobileGo tokens will be issued to SuperNET and will be included in the SuperNET NAV.

MobileGo is an ambitious project and one I can enthusiastically recommend. The team behind MobileGo has proven itself to be innovative, consistent, and efficient. Their partnerships with real world gaming companies are very intriguing. – James (jl777).

To learn more about the MobileGo project you can visit To speak to MobileGo developers you can join the MobileGo slack. To watch explanatory videos or to read our MobileGo FAQs click here.

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