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Marketing Update: Big Plans, Big Announcements

More staff and bigger plans - the stage is now set for some great marketing.

Our Power Sources

Let's start with the staff announcements. We have recently confirmed full-time positions for several of our long time community members and made deals with multiple part-time employees.

The two people we have hired full time are Polycryptoblog and Lootz. Both of them have lots of ideas, and will be focusing solely on promoting our platform and its products. The marketing team also includes Audo and Boogieman, who have both been working full time. Audo’s task is content management and Boogieman’s focus, as the head of the Iguana platform project, is on end-user marketing. As the social media manager, Yassin has been helping us to reach people through our social media channels.

  • Polycryptoblog: marketing manager
  • Lootz: marketing manager
  • Audo: content manager
  • Boogieman: end-user marketing
  • Yassin: social media manager

Polycryptoblog has been very active on our team and has been helping out ever since Komodo was announced. He knows a lot about SEO and has a lot of ideas about what we can do and to whom we should reach out. Thus far his time has been limited as he has been working in a day job. Now that he has been hired full-time he can devote all his time to our project.

Lootz has lots of connections with different cryptocurrency projects and developers through his radio show Core Radio (originally ‘SuperNET Radio’). His speciality is search engine optimisation (SEO), from which he has so far been earning his bread & butter income. Lootz has been part of the SuperNET community since the beginning.

Audo has a broad understanding of the platform and its goals. He coordinates with the other content creators and editor to produce top notch content for us. The content will be published on and in various news outlets to get backlinks. Audo has also designed some of the graphical content Komodo has been using, and with that skill set is in an excellent position to coordinate with various freelance graphic designers. Creating good infographics can be a challenge, but a picture equals a thousand words, as they say.

Boogieman has an online marketing background, and is currently working hard with his team to get the “grandma” multi-coin wallet ready. The development is going great, and thus his attention is increasingly turning towards end-user marketing. He is also actively giving feedback and participating in the overall marketing efforts our team is having.

Yassin is the most active social media person we have ever come across. In our community, he was known to be the first to share any news and thus has earned his spot as our social media manager. Yassin shares all of our news and updates, keeps an eye on everything, and thus quickly finds all the unanswered questions across our social media sites. Nothing goes unnoticed and our team is able to give an answer to each question.

In the content creation team, we have some part-time freelancers too:

  • Antonio: writer
  • lizzl: writer
  • Robert Bold: editor

The content creation team ensures we have fresh content on our website every week which, together with doing proper SEO, will drive traffic and help build a following. Each article goes through a series of revisions to ensure the text is smooth and easily consumable.

We also have translators available to translate our content. Previously they helped us to make into a multilingual website, and translate some of the articles we published. We are now looking to do the same with the new website, and thus ensure that the non-English speaking world can follow our developments as well.

The three languages we will continue to support are Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. However, we don’t want only to translate but actively market and interact with people throughout the world. Thus we are looking to hire Ambassadors for SuperNET and Komodo. To date we have a Spanish ambassador who uses the handle ‘Beor’ on SuperNET Slack and an English ambassador, who collected the most notary node votes in North America: Juan S. Galt.

The Big Plans

We have two target audiences: 1) developers to whom we market our platform, 2) end users to whom we market our product(s). Our priority will be to spread awareness about our platform and get 3rd party projects to utilize it. As an example, our platform can be used to launch new coins with an independent blockchain or to get additional security through the delayed Proof of Work.

The very first thing is to launch a marketing campaign where we encourage developers to launch their coin using our assetchains technology. There are certain synergies here for dPoW marketing, as those coins could use our consensus mechanism to gain additional security and there are many blockchains who could utilize this too.

What we can offer is a coin creation kit that allows the developers to launch and tweak a coin quickly. We can even provide a white label GUI wallet, which they can use to brand their product. In a recent SuperNET Slack commentary, jl777 provided the following overview:

Komodo removes the need for the coin promoter to have a dev team. It is what happened after Microsoft released DOS, all of a sudden any small company could make a PC clone. No need to have a giant in-house engineering staff writing firmware/OS/applications.

The platform that captures a significant percentage of the new cryptos being created will have the network effect.

The key thing to understand, though, is that our platform doesn’t limit their development in any way. They can build on top as much as they want to. Polycryptoblog pointed this out very clearly:

However since it is its independent chain, it can fork, and changes can be added to it without any conflict with the Komodo chain. It gives people a starting framework without parent-chain rules stifling innovation.

To reward the most innovative coin projects we are planning to launch a sponsorship program. We would select the top projects from those which applied. Once inside our sponsorship program, the team would receive free dPoW, support & consultation services, and free visibility through our marketing channels.

The goal is to have as many coins use assetchains & our platform as possible, thereby giving us more visibility. When projects use our platform, we also get some financial gains, mostly when KMD price rises. Furthermore, a liquid KMD market is important for the PAX assets, and if we can get/keep the price above 0.25 USD, we don't have to pay any subsidy to notary nodes.

The Iguana end user marketing is being kept as a separate program. We can ramp up the Iguana marketing once we have got a good product that is grandma ready. More about this in a future update.

A new website has just been launched, and we will be updating it with new content to take into account all the new technology we are developing. The site upgrade is a part of a massive revamp effort which includes developing and marketing across a variety of social media platforms and niche communities.

Our brand new marketing team comes up with new stuff daily, and there is much more we could say about what we are doing, but this has been a long update already.

Thank you for reading.


SuperNET Marketing Team

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