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Iguana Multi-Coin Wallet Update #22

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First blood

Since the moment a Windows beta-versions of the Iguana application arrived, a decent bunch of bugs has been discovered both by testing users and the team. Gladly. We have killed the major ones recently, the minor, adjacent to the major or interrelated are waiting for their death time.

The rest bugs are more about polishing off some error messages and visuals styles, so it is sure, we will finish them very soon and will try to deliver the two essential features.

The two essential features

As we have been moving from non-Iguana Full Node wallets to Iguana Full Node wallets, now the app allows adding coins as Full Nodes only.

The interface and the code are missing a Full\Lite\Private Mode selector and a progress bar to display syncing process of a blockchain.

The respective UI elements are designed, the coding part is left.


The allocated features are half-done, the development was interrupted by the wave of first user feedbacks, issues, and bugs discovered during the first testing of the beta Windows version. That's why we will need two-three days more to complete the tasks, which are in the pipeline, and to be 100% ready for the 0.3 release.

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