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Get Ready For Decentralized Exchange - Agama Development Roadmap

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In this update we take a look at the near-term roadmap for Agama. Our platform has been through various iterations in the past few years, and we are now in a position to reach several big milestones.

Securing a Path for Efficient Development

Currently the GUI consists of vanilla JavaScript code and jQuery. It is working, but as the code base grows it will become harder to manage. The EasyDEX-GUI code needs a more efficient and modern technological approach, especially when it comes to coding the decentralized exchange Graphic User Interface (GUI). The team has decided to go with react.js.

The frontend upgrade to react.js will be done right after we have made sure that the current version is stable enough and works for most users.

The team will try to reuse as much of the existing codebase as possible while porting to new backend technology so that this upgrade should not take too much time to finish. We already have developer resources ready that will be contributing to further EasyDEX-GUI development. This upgrade may take 2-4 weeks. It is hard to say at the moment but, as indicated above, the target would be to complete this as soon as possible.

Fiat Pegged Komodo Currencies

We have already created 32 Komodo Currencies that are pegged to a local currency. The GUI is already supporting the sending and receiving of these assets. Next we will develop deposit and redeem abilities, which will allow the users to convert Komodo (KMD) into these assets and visa versa.

Redeem and Deposit of Komodo currencies is currently only possible through Native Mode. So, once the Native mode for these Komodo currencies has been activated via GUI, users will be able to do these operations from the Wallet GUi itself. Until then redeem and deposit functions will only be actionable via command line.

Liquidity Providers Pave The Way For Successful DEX Launch

Our decentralized exchange, which will soon be launched, will need enough liquidity to be useful. The liquidity will be ensured through ‘Liquidity Provider’ nodes. They will be connected to central exchanges as well as to Agama. In essence they are cryptocurrency market makers that make a profit from the bid/ask spread. Anyone is able to become a Liquidity Provider and its configuration will be integrated into the Agama Desktop Application

From A Multi-Currency Bitcoin Wallet To Decentralized Exchange

What we are witnessing today is the result of a lot of hard development work since SuperNET’s initial community offering (ICO) in September 2014. The workload has now shifted from the “simple C developer” jl777 to the Agama GUI lead developer Satinder Grewal and his team.

All these updates are estimations, and the timeline may or may not change based on how the team progresses with the challenges ahead, for example the increasing complexity of the GUI project. We are excited to see these challenges being overcome, so that we can deliver an amazing wallet experience for our users.


We have a great roadmap ahead of us, and the code for Komodo currencies and DEX is already in place, now we just need to plug it into the Agama GUI. We look forward to sharing our creation with all crypto enthusiasts.

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