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Gateway To Decentralized Future - Iguana Development Update

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All the major GUI problems have been ironed out, so confirms Iguana lead developer and project manager Satinder Grewal. We are now looking forward to publishing it and sharing our results with everyone.

Boosting the Performance

The team reports the Full Mode to be blazingly fast, and they couldn’t find any issues at all. Also, Basilisk Mode works better as it now shows the transaction history. To fix the issue jl777 developed a new explorer codebase which Satinder implemented in the GUI. Here’s how James explained the problem:

It turns out bitcoind doesn’t watch the sends of 'watchonly' addresses, so I had to write an entire blockexplorer core during the last few days to enable the GUI to have access to the transaction history via Basilisk Mode.

The new release will also boost basilisk mode performance making it faster. The improvements are coming from both core API, as well as the new approach the GUI team has adapted in the backend.

Improvements and Additions

The Komodo 5% APR interest caused some confusion for end users as it was displaying total amount including interest. The result caused errors while sending transactions. To fix such issues, and make the balance situation more clear, it now shows an Interest box instead of just total balance.

Another minor improvement was to make the send and receive tabs easier to find. Now instead of a circle with + sign, the user will just have to click on ‘send’ and ‘receive’ buttons at the top of the wallet.

To clear up confusion the ‘Add Coin’ function was renamed to ‘Activate Coin’. Now it better indicates the fact that a user will have to activate it again on next startup.

Now privatekeys can also be imported as the GUI has a new ‘import keys’ screen. Note that it will only import privatekeys to Iguana multi-coin wallet, which means either Full Mode or Basilisk Mode Wallet. Native Mode is entirely separate, and it will have its own privatekey import window in a later release.

The code to display balance, transaction history, and single address balances was upgraded several times during the last two weeks. It was first updated to adapt to the improved performance specific code; then again to support multiple addresses; next Basilisk Mode coins had to be updated to show transaction history and balances from the updated API set that James made. Lastly, it is being updated to improve the performance of Basilisk Mode which, when complete, will function as quickly as the Full Mode.

The next GUI will be supporting all 50 blockchains which are running on Notary Nodes. Which, apart from BTC and KMD, includes 32 PAX Fiat Chains, and 16 Assetchains. Among those is the REVS asset chain that people are anxiously awaiting. This coming update will only support these chains in Basilisk Mode, and a later release will give the Native Mode support also.

The Atomic Explorer part of EasyDEX-GUI now has a ton more API sets which users can use to query Explorer Level data. It is much more reliable and accurate data than in any centralized explorer as it’s coming from the Notary Nodes network which is always up to date with the latest codebase of both Komodo and Iguana daemons.


The development team is working, and everything is going as planned. Here’s how James summed up his expectations for the coming release:

The feedback we got about the various GUI issues have been mostly all corrected from what I have seen, so the next release should have a much better user experience.

We are looking to release the new version within a week. However, there is always a possibility for slight delays, but these delays are just small, short-term setbacks. All in all, it is just a matter of time for all of our features to come online.

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