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BarterDEX: Native Decentralized Exchange

Exchange digital tokens with your peers

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  • Light weight exchange; no blockchain download
  • No hacks or thefts
  • Privatekeys stay under your control
  • It's like a wallet with built-in exchange

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Open Source Solution that ties all cryptocurrencies together

Native Cryptocurrencies

The real coins are exchanged in a P2P network with cross-chain atomic swaps.

Open Coin Listing

We welcome all communities to work with us, listing their coin or token.

No Restrictions

The technology is open source, and anyone can connect their exchange service into BarterDEX.

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Avoid the worst problems from centralized exchanges

Hacks & Thefts

“Korean Bitcoin Exchange Yapizon Confirms $5M hack all customers to pay with balances”

Cointelegraph - 28 July 2017



“Poloniex recently announced that 17 alt-coins will be de-listed on May 2nd, which caused a significant price drop of the coins”

Cryptocoinnews - 26. April 2017

Regulation & Seizure

Regulation & Seizure

“BTC-e Domain Seized by U.S. Law Enforcement: …Funds left on BTC-e by customers who are completely innocent of any wrong doings… “ - 25. August 2017

Atomic Swap capabilities on the Komodo Network

We are leaders in adopting what are called "Atomic Swaps".

This technology allows you to trade cryptocurrencies from right within the comfort of your own private wallet.

2014 World's first manual atomic swap
2016 World's first atomic swap with order matching
2017 World's first atomic swap through electrum servers
TBA World's first decentralized exchange product release

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Liquidity Multiplier

Liquidity Multiplier

Place multiple orders for many different coins using the same funds.

Light Weight Swaps

Light Weight Swaps

We use Electrum servers so that no blockchain download needed to use our exchange.

Decentralized Order Matching

Decentralized Order Matching

Place orders through a secure & decentralized orderbook.

Universal Peer to Peer Exchange

All tokens issued on our platform will be available on our decentralized exchange and multi-coin wallet.

Through ‘BarterDEX’ technology we have developed decentralized orderbooks that initiate Atomic Swaps through light-weight Electrum servers. The result is a basis for a secure and universal decentralized exchange.

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Atomic-Swaps Stress Test

The Monaize dICO Will Test Komodo’s Limits

Komodo is gearing up for the most intense battle it has yet to face: The Monaize dICO launch.

Our community is working together to test the Komodo Platform’s strengths and discover any weaknesses before the big liftoff.

Dozens of community members are working around the clock to prepare, wherein we will perform more atomic swaps in one event than the entire industry has ever performed.

Come join us on this historic journey!

Monaize dICO

Stress Test dICO

A Native Cryptocurrency Exchange for Blockchain Industry

Banking meets blockchain event in Zurich, Switzerland. The Chief Technology Officer K. Stadelmann gives an inspiring talk about the history of money and how we started with bartering.

What Komodo has built is a peer to peer protocol that allows people to barter with digital tokens. Everything happens through a breakthrough called 'cross-chain atomic swap' technology. It is the foundation for a decentralized native exchange we call BarterDEX.

With our innovation, we look to take the blockchain industry to the next level, and Komodo (KMD) will be the base currency of the entire ecosystem we are visioning.

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